is about applying mind health science to overcome the odds and obstacles to living fully. 

I'm here to offer insights and tools to help you be better at being you and teach those you love what you learn.

If you read that and are thinking, “Oh, motivational stuff?” Um, no. Not exactly. I think of motivation as, “You can do it!” kind of talk. What you'll get here is more like, “Here’s how to do it.” See what I mean?

I mean, no offence to motivational speakers, many of whom I admire very much. It’s just, that's not my thing. Plus, if you’re my kind of person, the kind I write for on this website, you’re not interested in some random person’s opinions or supposed experience that aren't necessarily provable. Nor do you need facts that are too tight for your unique reality to fit in. You already tried motivation and you need a little more than that. This site is about offering that “little more.”

No, I don’t have all the answers. (Would you even believe me if I said I did?) In fact, I might even have more questions than you do. And that's really what I can help you with: asking better, smarter questions, so you can find, not just textbook solutions, but your own answers. 

Allow me to share two quotes I love that explain what I mean:

"The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions." Claude Levi-Strauss

"A wise man’s question contains half the answer.” Solomon Ibn Gabirol

I'm not joking. I've got questions, people.
I'm not joking. I've got questions, people.

Like I say in the tagline for this site, it’s all about "psychological science-based wisdom for the modern professional.” It’s a refreshing (if I say so myself) mix of solid science, paradoxical wisdom and my special brand of dry humour.

Why me, though?

You get what this site is about, but why should you trust me to deliver? Why should you listen to anything I have to say?

Well, I could say you can trust me because I'm a medical doctor with over a decade of work experience, over half of which has been in mental health. Or because I'm a member of the Faculty of Psychiatry, West African College of Physicians. Or that it's because I'm the founder of the almost 1000-strong-and-counting Maximise Your LIFE community, where people who want more from life gather every day to share and support one another. Or because I've been featured widely on national media, online and off, including on Bella Naija, Silverbird TV, TVC, Rhythm FM, Nigeria Info and Radio Continental, and given a TEDx talk (at TEDxUnilag).

But, cool as all of that might sound, none of it would be true, because the qualifications are not why I do what I do. And if I'm not mistaken, they're not why you'd stay with me or work with me either.

I do what I do because I care, and because I believe it matters. 

But yes, my qualifications help me do it better, and my experience helps me do it more richly.

Working in medicine has put me on the frontlines of human pain and suffering, where there are often no easy answers, and sometimes none at all.

Working in mental health, to some the most abstract of medical specialties, has taught me to be more comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, than most people have to (or even want to) be and to be honest about what I know and what I don't.

And volunteering as a mentor to teenagers and young people, many of whom are asking big life questions for the first time, and who don't appreciate cold professionalism, has helped me stay human.

And I'm grateful for every bit of experience, past and present, because it's all added up to this, to me and you, right now, right here.

So, welcome.

Okay, your turn: shoot me an email at and tell me about yourself. I read every email and you bet I’ll reply. And while you’re here, don’t fail to get a copy of a free guide I wrote to give you a head start. Sign up below to get it. 

Be you, but better.

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Doc Ayomide jumping
Doc Ayomide jumping

One more thing…

Since this website includes posts on healthcare, I should make this clear: everything I post on this website is strictly informational. Even though I'm a practicing physician, I do not offer personal medical advice online, on this website or anywhere else. My goal is to enlighten and to stimulate, and nothing I say here should be seen as a substitute for a proper consultation with me or any healthcare professional in an appropriate setting.