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So below is a list of posts I've written that are connected as series of thoughts and ideas. I thought it'd be cool to put them all on one page. This list will obviously evolve with time, though, so be sure to check back regularly!


The basics

What exactly is mental illness, anyway?

What causes mental illness? (Hint: it’s not “thinking too much”)

What causes mental illness? (Part 2): Risk factors

Why “mental illness” isn’t a very good name for mental illness…

Rising above mental illness

Are you aware of these 5 problems with our cure-focused mindset in mental illness?

How people answer this question might predict their mental health outcomes


How to recognise depression: the 3 signs you can’t afford to miss

How to recognise depression (part 2): some more signs

3 unique things about depression in Africans

Watch this short, but beautiful & honest, video on depression…

What it’s like to have depressive disorder


Ever wondered why people “commit” suicide?

Still on suicide: what you can do if it’s you, and how you can help if it’s not

Other disorders

Schizophrenia: The mental disorder people call “madness”

What to do if someone you know has schizophrenia

What it’s like to have dementia

Understanding the two sides of bipolar disorder

Mental illness and violence

Are people with mental disorders really more violent?

We shouldn’t make mental illness a scapegoat for violence

Can we just stop calling terrorists mentally ill?

What plane crashes can teach us about violence in mental illness

Thoughts on mental illness

We talk about mental illness like whites about “Africa”

Fela, Denrele & what mental illness really is

How Tinsel is throwing away a chance to make a difference for mental health in Africa

Why the attack on Ambode is retrogressive for mental health

5 ways mental disorders are like asthma

Why mental illness is no laughing matter